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  • Who We Are
    • Aims

      At CYC we value the uniqueness of every child. It is our ambition to provide a camp that embraces and nurtures the individuality of each student.

      We believe that camping provides students with opportunities for exploration of self and growth in confidence that can’t be facilitated in a classroom environment. As well as nurturing communication and team building skills, our activities encourage children to develop the ability to think creatively and analytically by providing challenging, interactive and engaging outdoor learning experiences.

      It is our goal to provide students with a tailored, specialised experience that is strategically shaped by the information you provide. We are passionate about offering outcomes-based programming suitable for schools of all sizes and abilities.

    • The CYC Approach

      "The CYC Approach defines the way we do things at CYC. It was developed by people within CYC to reflect the organisation’s values. It incorporates our Vision Document and performance objectives:
      Vision Proper - To serve. To live. To love
      Missional mandate - CYC exists to serve young people and their communities through outdoor education and group accommodation
      Missional motives -

      • 1. The worth of young people: We believe that every person has value
      • 2. The discipline of excellence: We believe in a service that honours Christ
      • 3. A life of integrity: God says what He means and means what He says
      • 4. Hands on mission: A philosophy that lives are changed through experiential learning
      • 5. Authentic relationships: We engage in loving, trustworthy and dependable relationships with God and others
      • 6. Compelling environments: We seek to create environments that are conducive for the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of people"
    • Who we are

      At CYC, we acknowledge God as the Creator of all things. Our foundation lies in the understanding that He has goals that are in alignment with His nature and perfect character. Subsequently, our mission and mindset move out from this centre as we place God and His vision as the measure of all that we do.

      CYC is therefore committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and is passionate about collaborating with churches, youth groups, schools and community organisations to empower and equip young people in making positive choices, based on the characteristics and mindfulness of Christ. We believe that it is fundamental to influence and nurture a spirit of encouragement, humility, respect, generosity and community mindedness amongst our guests.

    • As an organisation, we believe:

      We believe the Bible as originally given by God is divinely inspired, infallible, and entirely trustworthy, and is the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct, from which we can know that:

      • 1. God: There is one true eternal creator God — Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
      • 2. Creation: God created all things, making man and woman in His own image and for relationship with Him.
      • 3. Sin: Sin entered into the world through human disobedience following the rebellion of Satan against God.
      • 4. Christ: The Son, Christ Jesus, was born of a virgin and lived as a sinless man. Out of the abundance of God’s love the Father gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die to save all people from sin. Christ rose from the grave defeating the power of sin.
      • 5. Salvation: The death and resurrection of Christ brings salvation by grace through faith to those who repent, seek forgiveness, and believe in Him.
      • 6. Spirit: The Holy Spirit, following Jesus’ return to His Father in heaven, lives within those who have salvation as a comforter and guide; guaranteeing their eternal hope.
      • 7. Life: Those who trust in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour are called to live a transformed life and as such we have the responsibility to:
        • a. Encourage other Christians through meeting together for worship and fellowship;
        • b. Uphold moral directives and ethical values contained in the Bible as expressed within the context of their personal life, their marriage life (the covenantal relationship of one man and one woman), and their relationships with others;
        • c. Share the good news to all the world;
        • d. Be active in expressing God’s love through social justice.
      • 8. Eternity: Jesus is the only way to a relationship with God. Those who have received salvation have eternal life as joint heirs with Christ. Those who do not believe in Christ are separated from God for eternity.
      • 9. Return and New Creation: Christ will return as Lord to the earth and everyone will see him. There will be a new heaven and a new earth.
  • Location

    CYC Burleigh is located at 22-28 Rudd St, Burleigh Heads, QLD. Nestled in the Burleigh Heads National Park, within walking distance of the famed Burleigh Heads surf break and the beautiful Tallebudgera Creek.

    The Gold Coast Hinterland, theme parks, Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast’s many other attractions are only minutes away via bus.

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