We choose to see the glass half full.


We actively seek to understand others.


We choose to show gratitude in all circumstances.

Gratitude is one of the most important strengths for human flourishing, it is defined as the quality of being thankful. Grateful people have a sense of abundance, an appreciation of simple pleasures and value the contribution of others to their well-being (Watkins & Bell, 2017). Numerous studies have been conducted on the impact gratitude has on a person’s satisfaction with life and their happiness. One such study conducted by Witvliet, Richie, Root Luna, & Van Tongeren, (2019) found that reflecting on past hopes and happiness strengthens a person’s current state of happiness and hope. Unanue et al, (2019) study aimed to find evidence of the relationship between gratitude and life satisfaction, the study states,

“Research has found that higher gratitude is associated with a better life, indexed as higher positive affect, self-esteem, positive emotions, optimism, autonomy, environmental mastery, relationships, personal growth, meaning in life, and self-acceptance. Gratitude has also been associated with lower ill-being in terms of negative affect, depression, anxiety, phobia, bulimia, addictions, negative emotions, dysfunctions, anger, and hostility.”

It is clear that gratitude is an important foundation for a thriving individual. To develop gratitude Thrive utilises reflection, appraisal and writing activities as well as debriefing experiences on the field. Many opportunities are given to experience challenges and gain perspective. In order to thrive, students will learn to view the world around them with a positive perspective, seeing that the glass is half full. Through a wholistic camp approach, campers will exercise empathy, whether it be relating to others navigating home sickness or rejoicing with those who have overcome an obstacle. Campers are encouraged to show their appreciation for each other throughout team activities and during debriefs. When challenging situations arise there is always something to be grateful for.