We suffer together.


We believe for better.


We choose to be vulnerable.


We free ourselves from resentment and others from vengeance.


We are consistently principled in word and deed.

We require and desire meaningful relationships within our community. Studies show that students with positive peer relationships are more likely to excel in schools, are more adaptive and have an overall positive emotional well-being (Wentzel, 2017). Thrive aims to help students develop relationships that are not surface level but meaningful. Joseph Allen a psychology professor at the University of Virginia states,

“As technology makes it increasingly easy to build a social network of superficial friends, focusing time and attention on cultivating close connections with a few individuals should be a priority.”

To develop students’ skills in relationships the Thrive approach looks at areas and issues people often struggle to incorporate into relationships: integrity, compassion, trust and forgiveness. Camp activities requiring teamwork encourage students to be vulnerable and honest with their friends, to break down walls and allow a deeper connection to be built. The camp environment provides ample opportunities for students to invest in meaningful relationships that will enrich their lives in the present and prepare them for the future.